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ARDA is the acronym for Italian “A Regola D’Arte”, literally “the rule of the art”.

The concept and definition of “A Regola D’Arte”, dates back to the time of the guilds of arts and crafts, of medieval origin, which had detailed regulations concerning the use of materials, tools, procedures and construction solutions aimed at guaranteeing the quality of the final product or service.

The guilds of arts and crafts issued on their own behalf technical definitions of the “a regola d’arte” rules. Compliance by guild members with these rules was mandatory for membership continuation to the guild.

The “a regola d’arte” concept gained such relevance in Italian society to become law regulating contractual obligations, such that even in nowadays legally binding contracts for contractual work the contractor is called to execute the work “a regola d’arte”.

In a way, the guilds mediaeval concept of “a regola d’arte” is the mother of today’s "standards bodies" that perform a similar function establishing detailed technical specifications with a view to promoting the definition of technical standards.

The name ARDA embodies the mission of our company that is guaranteeing the quality of the final product or service in anything we do.

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