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ARDA SOLO DARK 300DPI-02-02.png

ARDA was founded in June 2008 but it is only in 2015 that one of its owners Stelvio Guglielmi decided to transform the company from a High-End furniture manufacturing ‘Workshop’, to a High-End furniture manufacturing ‘Industry’ where state of the art technologies are introduced to work alongside artistic fine craftsmanship that ARDA was known for.

This change and the results brought in terms of quality, consistency, and service, resulted in highly regarded industry customers looking at ARDA for the production of OEM lines that now represent approximately 50% of ARDA’s business.

12.000 m2 of buildings, planned expansion: 15.000 m2 to be added, 432 people combining highly artistic artisanal skills with state-of-the-art, technologically modern manufacturing from 3D CAD Modeling to CNC Machining.

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